Sleeping Aids, Popular Types and Brands Tested

While you sleep, your body maintains itself. Waste products are cleared from the body. Your brain processes what you did the previous day. It is therefore very important that you sleep well, but unfortunately this is not given to everyone. That is why many people try sleeping pills. In this article you can read a review of the top 10 best-selling sleeping aids . Which of these sleeping aids score well and which do not? Are there sleeping pills that you should avoid?

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Which Sleep Aids Do We Test and How?

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Which Sleep Aids Do We Test and How?

In this test, we tested the ten best-selling sleep products in the Netherlands. We have focused on sleeping aids that are available over the counter. We have not examined drugs that can only be obtained with a doctor’s prescription. In this test we looked at the effect of the 10 best-selling sleeping aids in the Netherlands. Because the price can vary per store, for example because of offers, we have not looked at this extensively. We have only reported this if a drug is really expensive. We have already researched some sleeping aids. If you want to know more about these remedies, you can click on the link to the extensive test.


sleepzz sleeping aid test Sleepzz is a line with various products aimed at improving sleep. The best-known product is Sleepfit. The main component of this medicine is melatonin. In addition, there are a few vitamins and minerals that are often associated with sleep deprivation.

Ingredients: Melatonin, Eschscholzia Californica, Passiflora, Vitamins B2, B6 and B12, Vitamin C and Iron.

Effect: Melatonin is a natural substance that helps you fall asleep. In addition, the drug counteracts deficiencies in vitamins and minerals that can lead to sleeping problems. According to the package, you should take one tablet two hours before going to sleep. This is a bit early, if you still have to cycle or drive within these two hours, it is dangerous.

Benefits: Among the other ingredients, Eschscholzia Californica is a substance that helps you sleep better by relaxing ( source ). This can be a welcome addition to melatonin, a standard ingredient, when you can’t sleep due to stress, for example.

Disadvantages: Iron only has a positive effect on your sleep if you are deficient in iron ( source ). If you have problems sleeping and you feel that they are the result of deficiencies in vitamins and minerals, you can better tackle these by adjusting your diet.

Bional Sleep

bional night sleep tested Bional Night Rest is a capsule containing melatonin and plant extracts. The effect is also clear here; melatonin for falling asleep. The herbs should provide a bit of relaxation.

Ingredients: Melatonin, hop extract, melissa, valerian root

Effect: Melatonin is a natural substance that helps the body to fall asleep. The herbal extracts should provide a relaxed feeling. This should result in better sleep. You can use Bional Night Rest by taking two capsules with water half an hour before going to sleep.

Benefits: There is some evidence, not evidence, that hops can help improve your sleep. But in that case it is better to drink alcohol-free beer, because it has a better dose than Bional Nachtrust ( source ).

Cons: Bional Night Sleep comes in capsules that are quite large. Not everyone will be able to get rid of the capsules equally well. You can then cut the capsules open and take the contents with some yogurt. In addition, the capsules are filled with soybean oil and gelatin. This means that some people should ignore the product. Valerian is a safe remedy, but not one with a strong proven effect on sleep or relaxation ( source ). Finally, even the Extra Strong variant of Bional Night Rest has a relatively low dose of melatonin.

Lucovitaal Melatonine

lucovital melatonin tested Lucovitaal Melatonin is one of the few products in our test that consists of only one ingredient. Only melatonin. Different versions of the product are available, all with different strengths. You can choose from packaging with 2mg tablets, but there is also the option for a tablet with 5mg melatonin.

Ingredients: Melatonin

Function: Melatonin is one of substances that our body produces itself. This substance plays an important role in our day and night rhythm and helps us to fall asleep. You take 1 tablet every day, shortly before going to sleep. You do this with water.

Advantages: The tablets of Lucovitaal Melatonin are very small and therefore easy to take. The tablets are smaller than half a paracetamol and can therefore be taken by almost everyone.

Cons: Lucovitaal Melatonin contains only melatonin. For most people this is not enough, because some of the insomnia symptoms are caused by stress symptoms. In that case, it is useful if there is also a substance that helps you to relax a bit.

A. Vogel Dormeasan Night’s rest

A. Vogel Dormeasan Night’s rest A. Vogel Dormeasan night sleep is one of the few widely sold products that does not contain melatonin. It contains only plant-based ingredients that should help you fall asleep. A. Vogel Dormeasan Night Rest contains a combination of ingredients that we also see in other products.

Ingredients: Passion flower, lemon balm, valerian, oats, hops

Effect: The effect of Dormeasan is mainly relaxing. This is mainly due to the combination of valerian and lemon balm. There is no substance that really has a strong effect on falling asleep. You can take two to four tablets daily.

Advantages: A. Vogel Dormeasan is the best of all tested products to be used by special groups. Children or people who use medicines (such as antidepressants) can also use A. Vogel Dormeasan.

Cons: For the vast majority of people, A. Vogel Dormeasan will not be strong enough. This is because there is no substance in it that really helps you fall asleep. Even the Extra Strong version of Dormeasan does not contain such an agent. This means that Dormeasan may help if you sleep poorly due to stress, but it makes absolutely no sense to use it with jet lag, after a night shift or long-term sleep deprivation without an immediate cause.


fortenight sleeping aid FortéNight is a sleeping aid that is very popular, especially in Belgium. This pill claims to be a kind of two-stage rocket. First, it ensures that you fall asleep easily. Second, the delayed release of certain ingredients should help you sleep better for longer. One of the ingredients of FortéNight is called ‘sleep hormone’. Chances are it’s melatonin, but if it is, we wonder why it isn’t just called that.

Ingredients: Sleep hormone (presumably melatonin), valerian, passion flower, nightcap, GABA, vitamins B3 and B6.

How it works: Forté Night has a fairly broad approach when it comes to the ingredients used. Probably, so we don’t know for sure, melatonin in combination with substances that provide some sedation. There is also a neurotransmitter in a few B vitamins. The B vitamins used are of little use, except that they may be used if you suffer from restless legs syndrome ( source ).

Advantages: Forté Night has a large number of different ingredients and therefore a fairly complete effect.

Cons: One of the ingredients, GABA, can be potentially dangerous. For example, it can lower blood pressure and this can lead to health problems. In addition, there are certain types of foods that are rich in GABA. This can lead to you accidentally ingesting too much GABA. Finally, GABA is dangerous if used for a longer period of time.

Mardanti Sweet Dreams

sweet dreams tested Mardanti Sweet Dreams is a drink that you can use against sleeping problems. Sweet Dreams comes in a bottle with a supplied measuring cap. Sweet Dreams is also equipped with a neurotransmitter. In this case, that’s 5-HTP. In addition, Sweet Dreams is the only product that contains Withania Radix.

Ingredients: Melatonin, Honey, Withania Radix, Griffonia Extract (with 5-HTP), Eschscholzia Californica

How it works: Every evening, take a measuring cap of Mardanti Sweet Dreams half an hour before going to sleep. Withania Radix and Eschscholzia Californica provide a relaxed feeling. The 5-HTP is a precursor to serotonin, the happiness hormone, while honey is a traditional medicine for insomnia.

Benefits: Withania Radix is a special addition to Mardanti Sweet Dreams. It has a proven positive effect on sleep quality ( source ). The neurotransmitter 5-HTP also has a very positive effect on sleep ( source ). It ensures that your day and night rhythm is better balanced. This also makes the product extremely suitable if you suffer from jet lag. In an earlier test Mardanti Sweet Dreams was judged very positively.

Disadvantages: If we have to mention a disadvantage, it is that the bottles of Mardanti Sweet Dreams are not allowed in your hand luggage when you travel.


relax & dream sleeping aid Relax&Dream is one of the other products that does not use a real ‘sleep aid’. Just like A. Vogel Dormeasan, Relax&Dream is also aimed at helping you relax. It does this with a mix of four vegetable ingredients. It is therefore broader to use than just before going to sleep. In principle, you can also take this medicine during the day.

Ingredients: Valerian Root, Passion Flower, Eschscholzia Californica, Hops.

Operation: Relax&Dream is a capsule containing only vegetable ingredients. The main effect of the product is that it has a relaxing effect. So you can choose to take a maximum of three capsules half an hour before going to sleep. If you want, you can also use Relax&Dream during the day, purely to relax.

Advantages: Just like A. Vogel Dormeasan, Relax&Dream can be used by almost everyone. It is also a great advantage that you can also take it during the day. For people who occasionally suffer from severe stress, this can be a very big advantage.

Disadvantages: Because Relax&Dream does not contain melatonin, nor any other substance that really stimulates sleep, the capsules are not effective if you suffer from a disturbed day and night rhythm. In addition, the capsules are too large, which means that not everyone can process them equally well.

Vitalize Sleep Comfort

Vitalize Sleep Comfort Vitalize Sleep Comfort is the only sleep aid in the test that contains magnesium. In addition, it contains plant extracts, including griffonia, passiflora and valerian. Finally, Vitalize Sleep Comfort also contains melatonin.

Ingredients: Magnesium extract, melatonin, passion flower, valerian, griffonia.

Operation: You can take one or two tablets of Vitalize Sleep Comfort daily. You do this about half an hour before going to sleep. In addition to melatonin, Vitalize Sleep Comfort also contains griffonia extract. This again contains a precursor of serotonin. However, the dosage is a lot lower than with Mardanti Sweet Dreams, making it less effective.

Benefits: Vitalize Sleep Comfort is the best dose when it comes to the amount of melatonin. Depending on your wishes, you can take 1 or 2 tablets.

Cons: Vitalize Sleep Comfort contains magnesium. This is a mineral that is very important for your body. Unfortunately, it comes in a form that is not as well absorbed by the body. If you want to use magnesium, it is better to use a separate supplement based on magnesium citrate. Unfortunately, the soothing plant extracts in Vitalize Sleep Comfort don’t work very well. For example, valerian is not equally effective for everyone ( source ).


metasleep sleep aid review

Metasleep chooses a completely different composition. Of course it contains plant extracts that make you calm and relaxed. Metasleep also contains melatonin, but there is another special ingredient in Metasleep, namely a component of green tea.

Ingredients: Valerian root, lemon balm, passion flower, green tea, melatonin, magnesium, B vitamins

Operation: Metasleep contains a combination of several herbal ingredients that should provide a calm feeling. In addition, it contains B vitamins, including a fairly large amount of vitamin B12. What is special is that it contains an extract of green tea. According to the manufacturer, this is a variant that is rich in L-theanine and contains little to no caffeine.

Dream juice

bottle of dream juice

Dream juice contains Doxylamine succinate. In addition, it contains plant extracts, as in all other products that we have researched. Think of passion flower, oats, and hops.

Ingredients: Oats, Hops, Mistletoe, Hawthorn, Passionflower, Nightcap, Horse Chestnut, Doxylamine Succinate

How it works: Dream juice is just like Sweet Dreams a drink. It contains doxylamine. The plant extracts mainly have a calming effect.

Benefits: The plant extracts in Dream Juice do what they’re supposed to do. They provide a relaxed feeling.

Cons: Doxylamine can cause a feeling of drowsiness.

Conclusion We have examined the ten best-selling sleeping aids in the Netherlands and Belgium. Most of these sleep aids work the same way. A combination of plant extracts provides a calm and calm feeling. In many cases, a small dose of melatonin is added to this. This is a substance produced by the body that helps you fall asleep. Two of the remedies contain only plant extracts to calm down. This is not enough for most people. People often have a disturbed day and night rhythm, for example as a result of shift work. It is therefore wise to choose a product that also contains some melatonin. A drug that only contains melatonin, such as Lucovitaal’s, has a slightly too limited effect. Many people are simply stressed, which means that they do not sleep well.

The Best Sleep Aid

The best sleep aid on the market is Mardanti Sweet Dreams . This product is the only product with melatonin and 5-HTP without containing lemon balm. The latter substance also has an addictive effect. 5-HTP helps the body to reset the day and night rhythm and is therefore particularly suitable for people on the night shift or travelers.