Recommended Popular Body Lotions

Basic information on body lotion

A body lotion that can be used all year round. Various products are popular, from drugstore products such as Nivea Vaseline to deacons such as Savon Chloe. A refreshing type in summer and a moist type with high moisturizing in winter are standard. Body lotion can be used daily to make your skin moisturized. In fact, it not only moisturizes the skin, but it is also useful for body care when used as a massage! Since it is a body lotion, there is no need to wash it off after massage. Therefore, this time we will introduce how to choose body lotion and recommended products in a ranking format. The ranking was created based on the ingredients, comfort, and fragrance . If you are unsure about purchasing, please refer to it

What is body lotion?

First of all, what exactly is body lotion? And I will explain how it is different from other body milks and body creams.

Body lotion is a skin care item that can moisturize the body. It has a good balance of water and oil and can be used by anyone with any skin type. The texture is easy to stretch, so it is easy to use for the whole body, and some products can also be used for the face.

Choose a highly moisturizing body lotion for dry autumn and winter , and a refreshing body lotion for summer .

What is the difference from body milk and body cream?

Skin care items that can moisturize the body include body milk and body cream. The difference between these and body lotions is the water and oil content . Body lotion has a lot of water and a little oil. Therefore, it is easy to use regardless of skin type and season.

Body milk and body cream have a high oil content and a low water content. So if you’re looking for a body moisturizer, you’re bound to choose a body lotion. The following links introduce recommended body creams, so please check them out as well.[Carefully selected by beauty writers] 30 popular recommended rankings for body creams | Select –goo ranking

How to choose a body lotion

There are various commercial body lotions on sale, such as drug stores and depacos. Here, we will introduce how to choose the ingredients and scents of such body lotions.

Choose by ingredient

When choosing a body lotion, keep an eye on the ingredients. Here, we will explain what ingredients are effective for what kind of people.

Check “high moisturizing ingredients” for those who are particular about moisturizing power

If you are looking for a body lotion with high moisturizing power, we recommend products with a high content of high moisturizing ingredients . To confirm this, first check the ingredient label of the product. Ingredients are listed in order from the one with the highest content.

In other words, the higher the moisturizing ingredients such as ceramide, collagen, and hyaluronic acid are listed, the higher the moisturizing power . If you value moisturizing power, be sure to check this ingredient label.

Check “hypoallergenic ingredients” for sensitive skin and babies / children

When choosing a body lotion for people with sensitive skin, babies and children, choose organic products that are less irritating to the skin . Products that are marked as being usable for sensitive skin , hypoallergenic, and babies have hypoallergenic specifications, so this is a guide.

If you are concerned about sebum around your back and neck, check “Anti-inflammatory ingredients”

When it’s time to sweat, it’s the sebum around your back and neck that you’re worried about. Since there are many sebaceous glands on the back, it is actually easy to make spots. It’s hard to see and reach by yourself, so skin care may not be perfect.

If you are worried about such body sebum, choose a body lotion based on ingredients such as vitamin C derivatives, salicylic acid, and dipotassium glycyrrhizinate .

Choose by skin type

When choosing a body lotion, you should also consider the person who uses it and the skin type. Here, I will explain the points when choosing according to the person who uses it and the skin type.

“Highly moisturizing ingredients” such as ceramide and glycerin are recommended for dry skin

Some body lotions are highly moisturizing products that are suitable for people with dry skin. If you are concerned about dry skin , choose a body lotion with a high content of moisturizing ingredients such as ceramide, hyaluronic acid, and collagen .

Especially in the fall and winter seasons, body lotions with high moisturizing power are recommended because they also have the power to prevent dryness.

A refreshing feel for men “Men’s products”

Recently, body lotions for men are also very popular. Body lotion for men is ideal for inner dry type men who tend to secrete more sebum but the inside of the skin dries. It features a refreshing feel and a refreshing scent.

Such as persimmon tannin deodorant ingredient , menthol and or contains a smooth stop and pleasant component, such as a variety. Please refer to this ranking and choose your favorite men’s body lotion. Below, we introduce the popular recommended rankings of Sea Breeze. Please refer to it.10 popular recommended rankings of Sea Breeze [Introducing products that are popular with girls and boys] | Select –goo rankingClick here for 8 popular recommended rankings of body lotions for men

Choose by usability

The basic body lotion has a smooth and smooth texture, but the feeling of use may differ slightly depending on the ingredients. Here, we will introduce the points to choose based on such usability.

“Smooth and refreshing type” is recommended in the summer season

In the sweaty summer, we recommend a body lotion that feels smooth and refreshing . Some products are sold with a deodorant and smooth feel.

If you want a refreshing feel, we recommend jelly-type and shower-type body lotions. Men’s products may also contain refreshing ingredients such as menthol.

“Moist type” is recommended in the winter season

In winter, when you are concerned about dryness, we recommend products that contain plenty of highly moisturizing ingredients. If you don’t need to use body milk or body cream, but want to prevent dryness with daily skin care, body lotion is recommended even in winter.

Choose by application

If you are uncertain about purchasing a body lotion, it is a good idea to stick to the intended use. So, let’s see how to choose according to the purpose of body lotion.

If you focus on cost performance, we recommend the one that can be used for “face / whole body”

Body lotion is basically a moisturizer for the body, but there are some types of products that can also be used on the face . Body lotions that can also be used on the face are described as for the whole body , face, and body, so please check at the time of purchase.

In particular, many body lotions that can be used for babies tend to be used with the face . If you can use it for the whole body with one body lotion, it will save you time and money, so it is very convenient.

If you want to use it in a short time, we recommend the “wash-out type” that can be used even when taking a bath.

Speaking of body lotion, it is basically a moisturizer used for dry body after bathing. However, there are some types that can be used on wet bodies when taking a bath . Just apply an appropriate amount to the body and wash it off with a shower to make it moist and smooth, which is convenient for shortening the time.

If you want to relax, check the “scent”

There are two types of body lotions, one with fragrance and the other without fragrance . There are various types of fragrances, from those with a good scent like perfume to those with a relaxing scent with natural aroma components.

Such scents can be a part of grooming and fashion, so it’s fun to choose your favorite scent. If you don’t need extra scent, choose the fragrance-free type so that it doesn’t interfere with other scents. Let’s choose the scent according to your environment and taste.

If you want to use it a lot, we recommend “Products with high cost performance”

Body lotion is also effective when used daily. Therefore, it is important to have a high cost performance that you can continue to use comfortably every day . At drugstores, there are many products with high cost performance at Petit Pla.

Especially if you want to use it a lot every day, or if you want to use it with the whole family , choose a body lotion with a large capacity . In mail order such as amazon, you can find everything from petit plastic products sold at drug stores to popular brand products.

Choose by popular brand

When choosing a body lotion, one option is to choose a popular brand. Here are some of the most popular brands of body lotions.

If you are particular about the popularity of the standard, “NIVEA” is recommended.

Nivea, a standard product at drug stores, has a good cost performance and is easy for anyone to use . The product lineup is extensive, and you can choose your favorite body lotion according to the body lotion and scent for men.

“Vaseline” is recommended for a wide range of age groups

Vaseline is a product that contains plenty of highly moisturizing ingredients such as petrolatum and ceramide. Excellent for preventing dry skin. We have a wide range of products, from mild skin for sensitive skin to refreshing summer, and moist type including shea butter.

Cospa that can be purchased at drug stores is also an advantage . In the article below, we have introduced a lot of Vaseline products other than body lotion, so please take a look.10 popular recommended rankings of petrolatum [can be used for various purposes] | Select –goo ranking

If you want to use it in a large capacity, we recommend “Coix Body Lotion”

Made based on the Coix seed extract, which is familiar even in lotion, it has a refreshing feel and a large capacity, and its high cost performance is attractive. It is also a popular item in drug stores.

It is easy to use even for those who are concerned about sweat around the back and neck and those with oily skin . It is also good that it can be used by the whole family. Below is a list of popular recommended rankings for Coix seeds. Please refer to it.[Supervised by beauty writer] 15 popular recommended rankings of Coix seeds | Select –goo ranking

“Sabon” is recommended if you place importance on fragrance and usability

Savon’s body lotion is characterized by its gentle feel and rich scent using naturally derived ingredients . The wonderful scent that makes you feel as if you are wearing perfume will be a great gift for women.

The fashionable and cute package is also attractive . Below, we introduce the popular recommended rankings of Sabon. Please refer to it.15 popular recommended rankings in Sabon [Popular for gifts and gifts] | Select –goo ranking

“EO” with plenty of essential oils is recommended for sensitive skin


A body lotion containing various types of essential oils. EO’s body lotion, gently made with natural ingredients, is characterized by a mild feel. There are many types, and it is fun to choose the comfort and scent that you like.

“Corel” is recommended for petite plastic and hypoallergenic

Curél made with ingredients that take into consideration the skin. We are developing a wide lineup for various skin types such as for sensitive skin, dry skin, and oily skin . It also features a hypoallergenic feel that can be used by everyone from children to the elderly. I am glad that it is easy to buy at a small price.

“Johnson & Johnson” is recommended for those who are particular about aroma

It is a brand that is familiar in the body care series. Aroma products such as roses, jasmine, peaches and apricots are popular. There are gel lotions for the summer season and highly moisturizing series recommended for autumn and winter, so check them out.

Depacos such as Chloe and Jill Stuart are also recommended

Chloe’s body lotion is characterized by a higher- grade scent that makes you feel as if you are wearing a fragrance . It also develops sensual and sexy scents and is very popular as a product for adults. It’s more expensive than regular items, but it’s also a great gift.

For those who want to know the effect, refer to the “word of mouth” on the net.


For the comfort of body lotion, you can try using an over-the-counter tester . Mail-order sites such as Amazon and Rakuten also handle word- of- mouth, so it is one of the guidelines to refer to the reviews of the people who actually used it.