Niche 4Health Hydrolyzed Collagen Review and Experiences 2022

Niche 4Health Hydrolyzed Collagen is a protein preparation based on bovine collagen that is enriched with vitamin C and vitamin D3. The protein product was originally intended as a supplement to help you grow muscle mass. Yet we mainly know collagen as a means that is used for the health of the skin. In this article, you can read everything about this supplement and how it works.

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  • How Effective is Niche 4Health Hydrolyzed Collagen?
  • How Much Does Niche 4Health Hydrolyzed Collagen Cost?
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What is Niche 4Health Hydrolyzed Collagen?

Niche4Health Hydrolyzed Collagen is a protein powder containing 99.5% hydrolyzed collagen. The collagen in this product comes from cattle. In addition, vitamin C and vitamin D have been added to the powder.

The Hydrolyzed Collagen has a neutral taste and can be added to all kinds of drinks. Suggestions are to add it to coffee, tea, yogurt or soup.

Niche4Health is a Dutch company, founded by Freddy Hoyng. Freddy came into contact with collagen powder in Costa Rica and decided to buy a large bag of collagen from the factory. Because he got a lot of questions about this, he decided to package and sell the product. His company has since grown and employed a total of 13 people. The head office is in Utrecht.

Who is Niche 4Health Hydrolyzed Collagen suitable for?

Niche4Health’s hydrolyzed collagen is made from beef. Vegetarians and vegans can therefore not use the product. It is unclear whether the product is suitable for people who want to use halal or kosher products. There are no further allergens in the product.

How Effective is Niche 4Health Hydrolyzed Collagen?

As mentioned, we look at the effects of the ingredients on muscle mass as well as on the skin. We start with collagen, the main ingredient. With regard to muscle mass, there is a limited positive effect, but this has been measured in older men who suffered from loss of muscle mass due to illness. There is no research on the effects in healthy men.

The skin does become healthier from collagen. The collagen from this product comes from cattle, but collagen from fish is better absorbed by the body.

Vitamin C is primarily an excipient. The intake of vitamin C ensures that the collagen is used more effectively by the body. This ingredient can be found in many, but not all products with collagen.

Vitamin D has an important influence on muscle mass. Not only does it help to maintain muscle mass, but it also strengthens the body’s control over the muscles. However, there is no evidence that helps make your skin healthier.

How Much Does Niche 4Health Hydrolyzed Collagen Cost?

A jar of this product costs €26.50. If you buy several pots at once, you get a discount. One pot lasts about a month.


Niche4Health’s collagen is indeed neutral in taste and can therefore be easily added to other foods. For many people, this is better than a flavored collagen powder.


Unfortunately, Niche4Health does not use fish collagen. It is better absorbed by the skin.


Niche4Health hydrolyzed collagen is just not the same. There is little positive effect of collagen on muscle mass. Collagen intake is good for the skin and joints. Whatever you want to take collagen for, it’s better to choose a product with fish-based collagen.

The vitamin C is a good addition, but many of the collagen products on the market today have this addition. Vitamin D intake has many benefits, but you can just as well take a separate supplement.

If you are looking for proteins to strengthen your muscle mass, it is better to buy a product based on whey proteins. If you want to protect your skin and joints, check out fish collagen, such as Mardanti.


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