Knee Active Plus Review 2022

Knee complaints are not only common for athletes, you can also make an unfortunate movement at home. Overuse can also cause knee pain. The Knee Active Plus is a magnetic band that should strengthen the knee joints and thus solve the pain.

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What is the Knee Active Plus?

The Knee Active Plus is a band that you put around your knee. This band contains ten different magnets. These warm the knee and thus strengthen the knee ligaments.

The Knee Active Plus comes in one size and you run the risk of it being too big or too small.

Test subjects Wanted

Still 32 places available

Because we like to publish objective experiences in our product reviews, we have set up a test panel. At the moment we are looking for  50 test persons who want to test this product for free. Participating is very easy.

  • Indicate by  commenting  why you would like to test this product;
  • We will send the sample pack to you for free;
  • You use the product according to the instructions;
  • You fill in the evaluation form.

It is not known which company is behind that knee medicine. There are many references to Poland on various websites, such as Polish user names, but it is not clear whether the product also comes from Poland.

The manufacturer claims that the it was invented by Professor Marc Achtenberg, but it doesn’t seem to exist.

Knee Active Plus Review
Knee Active Plus review

Who is the Knee Active Plus suitable for?

There are no contraindications to the use of the Knee Active Plus. However, we recommend that you always see a doctor if you suffer from your knee. If there is damage to your joint, treatment may be required other than using magnetic tape.

Is the Knee Active Plus effective?

Research has been done into the effect of magnetic tapes. One of the studies shows that magnets can help reduce pain, but this may be a placebo effect. Another study seems to confirm this and indicates that there are no benefits of magnetic tape.

A technique in which magnets are turned on and off may be more effective. With this technique, a proven effect has been seen on the strength of the knee joints.

All in all, there is not enough evidence to think that Knee Active Plus will be effective. If your knee is bothering you, it’s better to just see a doctor or rely on proven techniques such as braces.

Knee Active Plus experiences

What does the Knee Active Plus cost?

On one of the websites where this knee medicine  is advertised, you see a price of €37. When you finally pay, the price has risen to €86. Your order will then be shipped for free.


It is very easy to use. It is easy to apply magnetic tape.


The magnetic tape is sometimes visible as a kind of bump on the knee. Furthermore, the sales methods of the  Active Plus medicine are somewhat shady. The price increases as you progress through the sales process. The drug was also supposedly developed by a doctor who does not exist.


There is no reason to believe that the medicine actually works. There is no positive effect from holding magnets against your body. This only changes when you alternately switch these magnets on and off.

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