Keto Plus Review and Experiences

One of the hardest things about the keto diet is getting into ketosis. There are tons of supplements that will help you make this switch, such as Keto Plus . In this article you can read what Keto Plus is, how it works and how effective it is.

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  • What is Keto Plus?
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  • Who is Keto Plus suitable for?
  • How Effective Is Keto Plus?
  • Wat Cost Keto Plus?
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What is Keto Plus?

Keto Plus is a benefit supplement that is designed to get your body into ketosis as quickly as possible . Ketosis is a state of metabolism in which your body uses body fat as fuel (instead of carbohydrates). You can get into ketosis by following a keto diet, in which you eat a lot of fats and relatively few carbohydrates.

Keto Plus contains six different ingredients that should help you make this switch. These ingredients are raspberry ketones, green tea, cider vinegar, lemon pectin, kelp and caffeine.

There are sixty capsules in a jar of Keto Plus. You take 1 capsule twice a day with a glass of water. You do this once half an hour before breakfast and once just before dinner.

Test subjects Wanted

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Because we like to publish objective experiences in our product reviews, we have set up a test panel. At the moment we are looking for  50 test persons  who want to test this product for free. Participating is very easy.

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Who is Keto Plus suitable for?

Keto Plus contains caffeine and is therefore not suitable for pregnant women and children. It is also better not to use Keto Plus for people who suffer from heart complaints, for example heart rhythm disorders.

How Effective Is Keto Plus?

We looked at some of the key ingredients for you to assess whether they are effective.

Raspberry ketones are only known to contribute to weight reduction in rats and mice ( source ). An effect in humans has never been proven. Pectin has been proven to help you feel full, but at higher doses ( source ). Something similar applies to cider vinegar ( source ).

keto plus review experiences help contains a substance called fucoxanthin that stimulates the burning of fat considerably, even in small doses ( source ). Coffee and green tea are known to contribute to a faster metabolism, but this effect disappears quite quickly, especially with caffeine. This is because your body gets used to the caffeine.

All in all, Keto Plus contains a number of ingredients that can contribute to the burning of fat. This is mainly due to the kelp, the green tea and the coffee. Especially if you don’t normally drink caffeine, Keto Plus can contribute to the switch to ketosis. Once your body is used to the effects of caffeine, the benefit is very small.

Wat Cost Keto Plus?

A pack of 2(120) capsules of Keto Plus costs 59$. Shipping costs will still be added to this.


Kelp is a highly effective ingredient that we rarely see in weight loss supplements. It can really help burn more energy and boost fat metabolism.


The doses of cider vinegar and pectin are too low to lead to a serious effect. This is unfortunate, because these substances can certainly have a positive effect on hunger. This is pre-eminently something you need if you are switching to ketosis.


Keto Plus is a suitable remedy to try if you are planning to make the switch to a keto diet. This switch can be very difficult and many people could use some help with this.

The supplement contains three ingredients that contribute to a better metabolism. It is true that you no longer need the drug once your body is in ketosis. You then do the rest yourself. However, it is indispensable to combine the supplement with a good nutrition plan, so that your body can really get into ketosis. It is also a pity that the dosage of two of the active ingredients is much too low.