How Much Fruit Can You Per Day If You Want To Lose Weight

Fruit is Healthy, but how much fruit can you actually eat per day?

Chances are you’ve figured out by now that your mom was right. As much as you always wanted to eat cookies, eating fruit is healthy. Fruit is a good source of all kinds of vitamins and minerals. Fruit contains a lot of fiber and fruit also contains all kinds of other substances that can be good for your health. Some fruits, for example, are bursting with antioxidants.


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  • But fruit was healthy, right?

Is Fruit Unhealthy?

Fruit is therefore really healthy for you. People who eat a lot of fruit have a lower risk of type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer, according to the nutrition center. The vitamins and minerals in fruit have their own benefits. For example, vitamin C leads to a higher resistance. Potassium, for example present in bananas, ensures a stable blood pressure.

Before you run to the supermarket and load up your entire shopping cart with nothing but fruit, read on. You can eat too much fruit. What are the problems if you eat too much fruit and how much fruit can you eat?

Lots of Calories

You can easily mistake the amount of calories in fruit. A banana: 100 calories. A pear: also 100 calories. A large handful of dates: 150 calories. And to top it all off, the avocado: 300 calories. There are days when I eat all these fruits. I already have 650 calories from something I actually only eat as a snack.

Lots of Fast Carbohydrates

Most fruits are very high in carbohydrates. In many cases, these are sugars that are quickly processed by your body, such as fructose and glucose. These fast carbohydrates are converted to fat by your body unless you can use the energy when it is released. The result of too much fruit can therefore be: more belly fat.

Incidentally, not all types of fruit are equally bad in that regard. An avocado has relatively many calories, but that is due to the large amount of unsaturated fats. Strawberries and many types of berries are also good choices. These fruits are low in sugar and high in dietary fiber. Dietary fiber ensures that sugars are broken down less quickly .

Acid Bombs

Your first thought is that many fruits are sweet, but nothing is less. Fruit is often sour. This means especially bad news for your teeth. Your teeth are very sensitive to the acids in fruit. Eating a lot of fruit can therefore lead to dental erosion. If you suffer from dental erosion, your teeth wear down very quickly, making them painful and weak. Tooth erosion is unfortunately irreversible.

Sugar Water

Fruit juices are basically cocktails of all the bad things about fruit. During the processing of the fruit into fruit juice, a large part of the vitamins is lost. This has to do with exposure to oxygen. The fiber is also extracted from the fruit. To make matters worse, sometimes sugar is also added. What remains is a form of acidic sugar water. You get a lot of fast carbohydrates, combined with the acids from the fruit.

But Fruit was Healthy, Right?

Yes. Fruit is still healthy. Eating fruit is still healthy. Just eating too much fruit can be bad for you. Most experts therefore recommend eating no more than 3 to 5 pieces of fruit per day. Eating different types of fruit can help ensure that you get as many nutrients as possible. It is best to leave your fruit juice completely.

Fruit is essential for good health and it is of course very tasty. But enjoy in moderation. Do you already eat a lot of fruit and do you want to eat healthier? Then don’t add even more fruit to your diet, but choose vegetables, nuts or seeds.

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