Children Cool Down Quickly / Our Winter Tips for Parents

Tip 1: Always carry babies close to your body

“The most important advice for parents is: Always carry babies close to your body!” – says pediatrician Prof. Joachim Gardemann from Münster, who has been working for the Red Cross around the world for years. “Hypothermia can quickly develop in a pram or a baby seat. That is why it is better to tie the very little ones with a cloth in front of their stomach, for example, and close their own coat over it. Body heat is the best protection.”

Tip 2: not without my hat

But older children also need good protection against the cold. You shouldn’t leave the house without a hat, because children lose a lot of heat over their heads because of their often still thin hair. Also important: a scarf. If necessary, it can be pulled under the eyes to protect the nose and cheeks that are sensitive to cold.

Tip 3: The windproof onion

Dress your children in an onion look. “Several thin layers provide better warmth than one thick layer. And the outermost layer should be windproof, which is the best way to keep the cold out,” says Gardemann.

Tip 4: If you shiver, you have to go in

Hypothermia can be recognized by tremors, pale skin and bluish lips. If there are signs of hypothermia, children should be brought into a normally warm room and ideally wrapped in a blanket. Warm – not hot – drinks with sugar will help with warming.

Tip 5: Do not actively heat

frostbite Frostbite is rather rare in our part of the world. First-degree frostbite can be recognized by white, numb areas – usually on the fingers or the nose. You shouldn’t actively apply heat here, because it can be very painful if the blood circulation starts suddenly. Rather, the affected areas should be allowed to warm up slowly at room temperature.

Even when the temperature is below zero, children are allowed outside. Because exercise and fresh air strengthen the circulation and put you in a good mood. Because children cool down faster than adults, parents should follow a few rules.