Awaderm Review and Experiences

Awaderm is a new skin cream that is only available on the internet. Awaderm is said to have been developed according to scientific insights and contains no fewer than 50 biologically active substances. We haven’t come across one of the ingredients very often, filagrinol. This makes it interesting to see if it is a good  anti-wrinkle agent .

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  • What is Awaderm?
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  • Is Awaderm Effective?
  • test subjects
  • What does Awaderm cost?
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What is Awaderm?

Awaderm is a face cream with no fewer than fifty different active ingredients. The main ingredients are avocado, grape extracts, olive leaf extract and tocopherols and jojoba oil. The dozens of other ingredients vary from natural remedies to substances such as glycerine and alcohol.

It promises that you can rejuvenate your skin with a course of four weeks. In the first week, the cream reaches the deeper layers of the skin, improving elasticity and resilience. Then the smaller wrinkles become smaller and the bags under the eyes disappear. The skin becomes tighter and after four weeks 95% of the wrinkles should be gone. In addition, the skin has become much smoother and more supple.

Awaderm Free Trials

Because I like to publish objective experiences with our product reviews, we have set up a test panel. For Awaderm  I am looking for  50 test persons  who want to test this product for free. Participating is very easy.

There are still  24 places  available

  1. Indicate by  commenting  why you  would  like to test Awaderm ;
  2. We will send the product to you for free;
  3. You use the product according to the instructions;
  4. You fill in the evaluation form.

Who is Awaderm suitable for?

There are many ingredients in the skin cream that may have a negative effect on the skin. For example, there is alcohol in the cream. On the one hand, this has a disinfecting effect, but on the other it can cause your skin to become damaged or degreased. Especially if you have sensitive skin , you better be careful with the use of the cream.

Is Awaderm Effective?

We’ve researched Awaderm’s key ingredients. The main thing, of course, is to test what the results of the cream are when used. That is why we also conducted a test with twelve women.

One of the ingredients that Awaderm says contributes to its effectiveness is filagrinol. Filagrinol is an artificial variant of a protein normally made by the body at the bottom of the skin. The natural version of this protein, filaggrin, plays an important role in the skin’s barrier function ( source ). This protects the skin against diseases and against a strong reaction of the immune system, such as skin irritations ( source ).

Where some creams use olive oil, Awaderm uses olive leaf extract in its creams. One of the benefits of olive leaf extract is that it has a strong antibacterial effect ( source ). It can even be used as a preservative in foods. Olive leaf extract contains many polyphenols, which are a powerful antioxidant ( source ). The same goes for tocopherols. A final key ingredient is jojoba oil. This is often added to improve the absorption of other agents (for example, sunscreens) ( source ).

test subjects

Twelve women tested the product for us for four weeks. The cream has been used for four weeks according to Awaderm’s instructions. We were very curious about the results after the test period.

After four weeks, the results in terms of wrinkles were quite disappointing. The wrinkles had become less deep, but other creams, for example with argireline, work a lot better.

Yet it is not the case that there was no positive effect of Awaderm. The skin is very well cleaned and hydrated, making the skin feel a lot cleaner and smoother. However, not everyone had this effect. Two of the subjects had some mild skin irritation at the beginning. Over time it got better.

What does Awaderm cost?

A 50ml jar costs 59.99 each. As you buy more bottles, the price goes down a lot. If you buy five pots, you pay 37 each.


While not quite Awaderm’s intent, it’s one of the best products we’ve tested when it comes to cleansing and protecting the skin. This is due to the combination of filagrinol and various substances that have an antibacterial or antioxidant effect.


A disadvantage of Awaderm is that there is no UV filter in the cream. This means that one of the main causes of wrinkles and skin aging is not being addressed. This means that you will have to do something extra, especially in the summer, to better protect the skin.

If you have sensitive skin, it is better to be a little careful with the cream. Especially because there is alcohol in the cream.


The effect of Awaderm is a bit disappointing. The product protects and cleans the skin very well, but the effect on wrinkles is a bit disappointing. Awaderm also contains a lot of ingredients. Possibly a slightly different composition, with a little more of a little less ingredients, would have been better.