5 Tips for successful and motivated fitness

Would you like to exercise more because you like it or want to stay healthy? And do you want to know what to pay attention to while exercising? We give you 5 Tips to practices that help you exercise in a responsible way, achieve your sporting goals and stay motivated!. And you will soon start the summer fit and confident!

1. Find a Best Tips for Fitness Club that suits you

To stay motivated, it is important that you exercise at a fitness club that suits you. What do you think is important? Do you need guidance? Do you like to exercise together and are group lessons something for you? Should it be affordable or do you prefer luxury and wellness? Compare prices, opening times and facilities or view photos and videos from different fitness clubs. Have you made a choice? Then you can immediately request a free fitness pass for a tour or a non-binding trial training at a fitness center of your choice.

2. Make time in your Calendar

Make agreements with yourself on which days and times you will train and reserve this time in your agenda. Make sure nothing else gets in the way. Because nothing is more important than your own health. Do you have children? Then see if you can exercise right after you bring the kids to school. Or find out which fitness club has childcare in your region. Are your children a bit older? Then there are often various options for family fitness with attractive discounts.

3. Set realistic goals

A large group of Dutch people who start fitness every year lose their motivation after some time. And after starting a new fitness program, they quickly become exhausted within a few weeks. The reason for this is that many people who start exercising enthusiastically start with an overly ambitious fitness schedule.
Make sure your goals are realistic and measurable. Create short and long term goals. So that this can be taken into account when drawing up the planning. To understand which goals are realistic for you, it is wise to discuss this with a fitness instructor and/or nutritionist.

4. Exercise is healthy!

Remind yourself of the benefits of exercising. A physically healthy body and lifestyle contribute to: a better night’s sleep, a good appetite, less stress, working more efficiently, better communication and concentration and above all better self-confidence. Before you go to the gym, always think about the relaxed feeling of satisfaction after a good workout.

5. Prevent injuries sports responsibly

When you start training, always make sure you know how to perform an exercise. Spend at least five minutes doing stretching exercises at the end of the workout. Incorrect execution of an exercise can lead to nasty injuries. Always ask a fitness instructor first how to perform an exercise correctly. This way you not only prevent injuries, but you also achieve faster results.